About us


STUDIO INGRID BURGOS is dedicated to celebrating, reviving and modernising traditional Colombian handcrafts through the design and creation of one-of-a-kind products that are based on concepts, stories and, emotions from Colombia’s rich history.

Using materials and handcraft techniques in non-conventional ways, giving them a new life.

Aimed at empowering and affirming the unique identity of every individual user. 



We celebrate our Colombian roots and are committed to showcase the best of Colombia to the world

We are inspired by tradition and driven by innovation. 

We believe in craft, in the beauty of producing things by hand, using natural, authentic, durable materials and giving them a new life.  

We make less products, but make them great. 

At every step , we take care to show love and respect for our materials, for our artisans , the workplace, and the environment.

We believe in creating unique items that are produced with taste and integrity, and worn with joy. 

We engage with our customers on an emotional level, and make products that are unique, serve a purpose, and empower 



We believe in giving a new life to existing products and materials.

We believe that repurposed materials are the key to innovation.  

We make the best use of the materials to be able to waste as little as possible, using conventional materials in non-conventional ways.

All the elements that are involved with the brand are designed to be durable and useful, and everything has a function.

We use no chemicals in the cleaning process and we only use chemical free ingredients.

We use materials and processes that don't affect the environment as far as possible.

We believe in keeping traditions alive collaborating with local artisans to promote the internal economy.

We rescue and make the best use of Colombian traditional handcraft techniques and we strengthen the HANDMADE in Colombia.

Our products are made in an environment where the working conditions are safe and healthy for our artisans.

We believe that the ambience where you produce has to be nice in order to produce nice things. Happy place = Happy products.

We ensure that our supply chain does not damage any ecosystem, and we only buy materials from suppliers who have the same belief.

We apply handcraft techniques in non-conventional ways to keep the traditions alive for a longer time.

We believe that every person is unique, and can get a unique product as well, and that product will remain with that person for a longer time.